This is the most delicate and unique kind of photo. It`s all about the absolute priceless value of the moment and the impossibility of repeating these images ever again. It captures the feelings these images will evoke for the rest of their lives. Any other photos can be taken again, but the photo session of newborns can happen just once in a lifetime.

Processing images of newborns requires special attention and diligence. The goal of our work here is to preserve the naturalness and tenderness of the baby, clearing up those small skin imperfections, like redness, peeling, or jaundice.

All the mentioned above can be corrected within the BASIC category through these types of editing: natural skin retouching ,flaky skin removal, and balancing skin tones

If some other image manipulation is necessary, such as removing someone's hands from the picture, doing some work with background processing, etc., then the editing job falls under the ADVANCED category.

For changing background please select CUSTOM category